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I was gratified to see how expertly he understood what was needed. Being an actual theatrical professional does make a difference in how one solves a problem."

Wendall Harrington - "Pandemic Nutcracker"

Lighting & Sound America

My name is Christopher Evans.

I find meaning in art. I love stories. The way they can draw up emotions and feelings from deep inside of us. Can cause us to think about topics in new and different manners. I craft stories that lead an audience to empathize with and understand a character. The connection between the storyteller and the audience in a live situation sets live performances apart. Every recorded culture displays examples of storytelling as a method to teach lessons and impart wisdom as well as entertain. I bring my purpose to fruition when I am able to move others with a story that my collaborators and I bring to life.


The art I create leaves an audience changed upon exiting the theatre. The audience should be swept away and find themselves unable to conclusively define where they end and the world of the story begins. I desire to stir up questions inside each viewer. Forcing them to look at their world and to question “Is this the way it should be?” I want to spur discussions in the seats and outside the theatre that may not have otherwise ever materialized. I hunger to create art that inspires people to think about the world and motivates them to stand up and act to bring about the shift that has been conceptualized.


Theatre creates a state where we open ourselves to true exploration. Exposing the pain or joy that we often shut ourselves off from in day-to-day life. Finding methods in which visual imagery informs how we think and feel about situations fascinates me. The ties between what we see and the way we feel are often very real yet fly under the radar because we remain unaware of their existence. As a designer, this is a mode my work can be used to aid the rest of the team in creating the story that needs to be told.

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